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I’m the daily dose of sunshine you didn’t know you needed in your life. I’m a small town gal living on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. Helping others achieve their health and fitness goals is my passion, which is why I have devoted many years to studying all things health and fitness. I am a BCRPA personal trainer and PnL1 nutrition coach. I practice what I preach and strive to live a life filled with fitness, health, and adventure. My goal is to help others cultivate unshakeable confidence, by assisting them in reaching their health and fitness goals.

Welcome to my life, life with Mic.


Starting your fitness journey can seem daunting, nerve-racking, and overwhelming. I take a fun and personal approach to not only ensure you crush your goals, but also enjoy the journey along the way. I know you are unique, you’re one of a kind, so I take time to get to know you and create a personalized program that you will thrive from. A client once told me I’m “like being hugged by sunshine and eating a hot bowl of soup at the same time,” so yes I will be there for you and provide emotional and motivational support. Click HERE for more information about my fitness and nutrition coaching services.

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